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April 2024 - Week 1 Roundup


Barking Deer

Sighted on: 01.April.2024

We got to see a Barking Deer during the vehicle safari this evening. Found in the jungle of Kabini, this elusive deer is also called Kaadu kuri in the local tongue. Roughly the size of a young goat, it is so named because its hoarse call sounds like a dog barking. Its varied diet also includes bird eggs. Another interesting feature is that they possess both antlers and tusks, which are downward-pointing canine teeth.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Abhishek Uthappa



Sighted on: 03.April.2024

The highlight of today's safari was this magnificent tusker. He was extremely comfortable in our presence, and our guests got some stunning photographs of him with the setting sun in the background. I consider myself extremely fortunate to live among these gentle giants.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Vishnumurthy Shanbag


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