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August 2023 - Week 1 Roundup



Sighted on: 2.August.2023

We all know that tigers are territorial animals, but do we all know how they mark their territory? Many of us know that they spray their urine on trees and rocks, but is that the only way of scent marking? Did you know they have scent glands located between their claws, cheeks, tail and anal glands other than their urine? Besides scent, they also use their faeces to mark their territories!

Content Creator / Photographer:

Sarath Remesh



Sighted on: 4.August.2023

No brawl in the jungles of Kabini goes unnoticed, especially one between two bull elephants. There is a low rumbling sound in the air with tusks clanking and thundering thuds on the ground while thousands of chital stand witness to the spectacle. We were lucky to see one such encounter during the evening safari.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Abhishek Uthappa


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