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March 2023 - Week 3 Roundup


Smooth-coated Otter

Sighted on: 21.Mar.2023

We were in for a treat during today's boat safari – a group or 'raft' of Smooth-coated Otters. Smooth-coated Otters are extremely social animals and are known for their playful behaviour. Our group held our guests spellbound like true show-stoppers.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Vishnu Sadan


Purple Heron

Sighted on: 22.Mar.2023

With the decrease in water levels, the ‘long legged ones’ or ‘waders’ as we call them, have been blessed with increased opportunities to hunt. We spotted a Purple Heron, one of the larger members of the wader family (so-called because they are commonly found wading along shorelines and mudflats to forage for food), walking along the Kabini river bank looking for food.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Shanmuga Kumar



Sighted on: 23.Mar.2023

It seems to be family week at Kabini. After the lovely sighting of an otter family during the boat safari, we got to watch a tigress playing hide and seek with her cub during the jeep safari - a truly rare and playful moment.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Deepak Singh

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