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March 2023 - Week 4 Roundup


Debut in my gallery ......

Sighted on: 28.Mar.2023

On 28th night trail i found something really interesting which was my first ever click of

spiders from my new gear. It is a species of jumping spider (Brettus cingulatus). This spider preys upon other spiders. To capture web-building spiders, the typical strategy is to stand at the edge of the web and pluck upon the silken strings with its pedipalps , trying out numerous patterns / rhythms until an effective one is found, then to lunge and capture /stab the spider when it gets lured over. It does not adhere to spider silk and can walk on webs with ease, but usually does not go into the webs of other spiders..

Content Creator / Photographer:

Shanmuga Kumar


The calm before the storm

Sighted on: 25.Mar.2023

Wild dogs are one of the most successful predators. Wild dogs that we can see in Nagarahole are called dhole and they don't bark ,their action speaks for them . Their acute sense of smell , exceptional hearing , unbelievable stamina and a well worked out plan helps them bring down prey much larger than themselves. Seeing the whole pack together is a delight , the play help forge strong bond in the pack . When the time for play is done they are on the hunt again.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Abhishek Uthappa


The Legend meets the Legend

Sighted on: 26.Mar.2023

It seems to be family week at Kabini. After the lovely sighting of an otter family during the boat safari, we got to watch a tigress playing hide and seek with her cub during the jeep safari - a truly rare and playful moment.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Deepak Singh


The Snake Catcher

Sighted on: 26.Mar.2023

Crested Serpent Eagle, a beautiful raptor who is known for its skills in hunting snakes. This one was Spotted with a Cobra on a morning Safari drive.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Sarath T Remesh

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