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March 2024 - Week 4 Roundup


Elephant Congregation

Sighted on: 26.March.2024

During the boat safari this evening, our guests had a magnificent ring-side view of the famous elephant congregation of Kabini. Every year, water is released from the Kabini dam for irrigation, and as the water levels recede, a vast grassland is created. This grassland plays host to one of the largest congregations of Asiatic elephants in the world.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Vishnymurthy Shanbag



Sighted on: 27.March.2024

During the boat safari, we got a close-up view of an Osprey. The Osprey is a beautiful bird with a band of black feathers that look like sunglasses, vibrant yellow eyes, a sharp, hooked beak, and powerful fishing hook-like talons with brown wings. It is a stylish bird if ever there was one.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Abhishek Uthappa


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