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May 2023 - Week 2 Roundup


Grey-headed fish eagle

Sighted on: 10.May.2023

The water levels have dropped very low, and while large mammal sightings are a bit difficult, bird life is abundant. During the 10th-morning boat safari, we were fortunate to witness a battle between two grey-headed fish eagles. It was, in all probability, about establishing territorial dominance.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Shanmuga Kumar



Sighted on: 11.May.2023

Draco is a genus of the lizard family Agamidae, commonly referred to as flying lizards because they possess scaly membranes between their forelegs and hindlegs, allowing them to glide from tree to tree.

Draco species are usually dull-coloured, although their “wings” can be brightly coloured (e.g., orange with black spots). The membranes are supported by ribs that grow away from the body. At rest, the ribs and membranes fold against the sides of the body. To glide, these animals jump outward, spread their rib wings, and drift downward. A low-angle glide can carry the lizard as much as 50 metres (about 160 feet) to another tree or the ground.

I have seen this beauty during the vehicle safari on the 11th. The Draco was seen gliding between among the woods

Content Creator / Photographer:

Shanmuga Kumar

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