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November 2023 - Week 2 Roundup


Wild Dogs

Sighted on: 07.November.2023

wild dogs

Our guests had a magnificent sighting of a pack of seven Wild Dogs or Dholes during the boat safari today. The wild dogs had recently feasted on a Spotted Deer they had killed and were in a relaxed and playful mood. The large congregation of Spotted Deer commonly found on the river banks was in a state of high alert as the wild dogs were around. An entire gamut of behaviour - from dominance to play - was displayed. Besides being fun to watch, it was also a very educative experience for our guests.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Shanmuga Kumar



Sighted on: 08.November.2023


A large Tusker was seen grazing on the river bank during the boat safari. This particular male has a large pair of tusks, and he is one of the big attractions in Kabini, much sought after for his impact on guests. Our guests were mesmerized by his majestic bearing.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Shanmuga Kumar


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