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October 2023 - Week 3 Roundup


Marsh Crocodile

Sighted on: 18.October.2023


During the boat safari today, a massive Marsh Crocodile, also known as 'Mugger', was spotted basking in all its glory on the river bank. As is its wont, it had its mouth open - they do this to regulate body temperature - and our guests were quite impressed with its arsenal of teeth set in those massive jaws.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Abhishek Uthappa


Great Cormorant

Sighted on: 20.October.2023


Great Cormorants have started their nesting behaviour in the backwaters, and each day, we get to see something special from these fascinating birds. During the boat safari this evening, a massive cormorant used our safari boat as bait to catch fish. The disturbance created by the boat's propeller on the water attracts the fish, and the cormorants takes advantage of this to catch them.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Shanmuga Kumar


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