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October 2023 - Week 4 Roundup



Sighted on: 26.October.2023


During the evening boat safari, I was hoping to spot a tiger as it had been a while since I had spotted one from the boat. After some time, I heard a mild Spotted Deer alarm call, and being a firm believer that a good naturalist should never overlook even the faintest of chances, I stopped the boat and requested my guests to maintain silence. The call had come from an area about two hundred meters away, and we settled down to listen. After a few minutes, I heard a tiger call. Unfortunately, none of the guests heard it and were beginning to get a bit sceptical. I asked the boatman to take the boat closer to the bank, and suddenly, we saw a massive tiger walking along a viewline around two hundred meters away. Fortunately, this time, he was unmistakable, and the guests got a good look. After a while, the tiger moved into the undergrowth, and I anticipated that he would reappear at a particular spot as he was moving toward the river. We moved closer to the spot, and sure enough, he came and lay down in the water. The guest got to watch him for over twenty minutes.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Shanmuga Kumar



Sighted on: 27.October.2023


A female elephant was spotted swimming across the backwaters. She was moving to Bandipur from the Nagarhole side. As the water levels were too low to get closer, we watched her from a distance as she leisurely made her way across the river.

Content Creator / Photographer:

Shanmuga Kumar


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